Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alhamdulillah, all things has been done and now i am back...many things happen unexpected, without any sign@hint or i'm not aware about that because of busy schedule starting from end of January.

YES!!! Only that word come to my mind right now. So excited, obsess?? Hoho now i am free from the person (say concurer) in my office before. No more heartfeeling, no more speculation. All person now independence & no person to "mengipas". Haha, be yourselves ok. Now you all know what you feel about being hipocrite. Nothing permanent in this world and all belongs to our God Almighty. Your status, your position can't save you in the hereafter. She had resigned. We (for the person before this very independent) appreciate your decision for the best of the company & all. Hope you can appreciate all things that happen to you.

Wish me all the best, friend. See ya..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have to decide which best for my career and job opportunity. It reflect my and family financial status as well. Thank you Allah you always there anywhere when i need you. Please give me the strenght. 

All decision have to refer to my hubby as the leader. Alhamdulillah, he support me and let me decide what was best for me. 

Now, i'm still in dilemma and to you Lord i ask for guidance.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year Update

It's not too late to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR 1432 Hijriah and 2011 Masihi to everyone...a very very long time not to write here, busy scheduled for celebrating new year and my birthday..hihi..thank you everyone for your wished and gift, really appreciated it..especially to my hubby and my little kids..i luv u all..

My birthday is 3rd day after new year (please count by your own..:)) and it's the first day after the long school break (for whom it relevant) and first day of work at 2011. Wow, very exciting date, isn't it?? Queit surprise when the management at my office plan for a birthday bash for me and my boss (my boss 2nd day of new year) what a coincidence right? Not to disappoint eveyone i take a snap for my most memorable day for your view..please ignore my tired face ok..

After sometimes i realize that many people care about me and appreciate for what i have done all this while. After 12.00pm of my birthday so many wishes through phone, sms, pm, bbm, fb, fbm, email, card, and last a celebration itself. Like what my status in fb, i'm very lucky with all of them around me and make me feel so great. What other people say about you is none of your business, that's quote remind me a lot and that make me strong to achieve my goals this year. Want to know my goals & missions? Here is the list(s):

i. A perfect wife for mr hubby & mom for my kids  

Wow, is it real or just a dream? Yeah, nobody perfect but we can try to be somebody to them first before others. Anyone can become a wifey and mummy but are they really care about what the people that they loved most need? I'll always try to be alert, sensitive, respond and give to them and always try to satisfied them. It's not easy once you are in the picture especially when you are working mom at the same time.

ii. A productive employee 

Basically, when you are in the private and specifically in the legal field you have to give your very best achivement to your employer. More jobs mean more collections and from there you shall prove your ability and credibility not to your boss solely but the staff around you and other parties that deal with you. All we done is a bona fide practice, mutatis mutandis it is, whereby the fact is fact and can't be turn around to the hearsay. What we have to proof at our everyday life connect particularly at our life by enclosing any other evidence that convince the fact. That's why our life is so beautiful by have many more knowledge everyday plus seeing and contacting the experienced and knowledgeable persons everyday. Thank you Allah.

iii. A healthy physical, heart and brain

This is a very tough goal that i should achieve this year. Why? Frankly, i'm not as tough as what other people around me judge me physically. Yeah, maybe i'm not shown directly my feeling and emotions neither my physical weakness. We have our own secret right, if not there is no secret anymore, what a typical reasons..haha..That's why before the end of 2010, i'm already start to jog (normally at klcc jogging area) (this one not fix what day, once i feel it i make it), play badminton once a week (alternately at stadium tasik titiwangsa & dewan taman ibukota) and of course for heart by praying, recite Al Qur'an (this two practice once i've full of age) and sometimes shopping and brain by searching and reviewing either book, online, blogging because many intellect and genius people here inclusive you all..*blushing or not?*

iv. A beauty individu inside and outside

I've to confess here that from my age 7 i start thank to our Lord for giving me a face that was call as "sedap mata memandang"..sedapkah?? Hihi, from that young age you know, very mutured right? Yeah, i start wearing clothes and accessories that i feel can show my beautifulness (if any). Everyday before going to school, i start to talk by my own at the mirror and show any "perasan" style. Is it shamefull of me, because at that time i feel nobody watching me and nobody can critic me. I start wearing hijab/tudung when i'm 12 and from that time i didn't missed it and i feel very shy when i'm not wearing it to cover my "crown". Of course when you are teenage that feeling to be a beautiful is so obvious. Beautiful and cleanliness for me join together. What about you all, is it same? Beauty for me not necessary you are wearing a branded outfit or ride with a big car/motorbike. If you have all that and you can afford it, it is a bonus for you. Make up? Yes, that what i've to practice now after i'm at the age of 3 series. Sometimes, we feel to look beauty, once you feel it you're very confident to meet anybody. But yes, make up shall change your look totally and it is not natural at all (dah nama pun make up kan..) even my hubby doesn't like me to "make me up" aka make up when outing with him, he like me to look natural beauty (owh, perasan lagi). 

v. A wealthy somebody

Of course, wealthy is not everything (eh cuba translate, kekayaan bukanlah segala-galanya). But, it is a dream to everybody in this world. You all too right? Siapa tak nak kaya? It means from nobody we have to be somebody. We must have a target in our life right? To improve from the past to present and to the future. Makbulkanlah doaku Ya Allah..Amin..I've plan to do my own business. Yeah, business is 99% of our sumber pendapatan.

I've to stop this entry before many more unpredictable missions come to my mind. Enough for the above goals and if it is not achieve this year we shall try again next near. At least we have a list of goals on our own and a guide must be a criticism itself.

Thus, to stop this entry i would like to say may your dreams comes true and God blessed for whatever we have done.