Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alhamdulillah, all things has been done and now i am back...many things happen unexpected, without any sign@hint or i'm not aware about that because of busy schedule starting from end of January.

YES!!! Only that word come to my mind right now. So excited, obsess?? Hoho now i am free from the person (say concurer) in my office before. No more heartfeeling, no more speculation. All person now independence & no person to "mengipas". Haha, be yourselves ok. Now you all know what you feel about being hipocrite. Nothing permanent in this world and all belongs to our God Almighty. Your status, your position can't save you in the hereafter. She had resigned. We (for the person before this very independent) appreciate your decision for the best of the company & all. Hope you can appreciate all things that happen to you.

Wish me all the best, friend. See ya..

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