Monday, November 15, 2010


Assalamualaikum WRT. WBT. Alhamdulillah my desire & passion make me strength to put all effort to realize my own page...(hihi, ayat poyo jek..) but true, until now I can't believe that I can create my own just like a dream comes true..(actually one of my dream..). The intention started when I feel like I can't express my feeling directly to anybody to whom its may concerned & this is it!!!! I can freely release my stress here (tetiba..). My concerned is more to share my real life to anybody who also concerned about love & affection & to extract more buddies to share their everyday life...nobody is perfect but we can improve ourselves by anyway that we feel it's comfirtable for us to do what i'm doing now...anybody have their own opinion, feeling & extraction but unable to show it directly to their love i dearest daughters 3 years 8 months 41 days & 1 year 11 months 27 days respectively can't even understand what the love it is & i hope by that time they old enough to understand what my expression here, they'll know how much i am loving & sacrifice for them just for their own good and realize that only one MOMMA in their life forever & ever....


  1. yuhu... blogspot is juz like online diary!! ngee.. kalo dulu end of da year je sibuk dok mcari diary yg ade kunci la ape la..hahah...
    welcome sis!!

  2. yer betul betul..akak antara penulis diari yg berjaya wkt muda2 dulu..ahaks..setiap thn mesti cari satu yg cun2..sampi k.ct hadiahkan satu drpd egypt..that's why i use this instrument (eh, kira instrument tak..) to express my feelings at everyday life..hope not super late for me to have my own blog..:)) happy reading..yang baik jadikan panduan & vice versa...

  3. tahniah sebab ada blog sendiri.. tp mula2, pening tak nak pahamkan.. bila dah lama2, baru o.k..

    apapun, nice blog..

  4. yer la cik lan..peningnya nak setting itu & ini, backgroundla pon bpe kali tukar..hihi..yg penting content & msg sampaikan..thanks being one of my page reader..enjoying it!