Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Salam peeps...holiday at Penang is the issue here..(not really issue, but enjoyable moment with MIL's family)..
The second day of eid al-adha we went to Penang Island with my "anak-anak menakan" and convoy with 2 cars. The convoy is so smooth and steady with the air blown "sepoi-sepoi bahasa" and the skies is blue..the planet in the orbit, the moon and the sun..uiks..ternyanyi lagu Maher Zain pulak...we go through Penang Bridge and owh..at that time my sweet daughters slept like a princess and don't able to show them lautan yang luas with jambatan yang panjang...actually this is not the first time after arrive at jambatan they all sleep but what to do...takkan nak kejutkan kan...it's ok darling, next time we ask papa to go there again ya..
As usual, after sometimes in the car we felt so hungry and searching for the nasi kandaq...here and there, wow line clear..ramainya beratoq and we cancelled our plan to go there uhuk uhuk..tak larat nak beratoq sampai ke jalan nun..kami menjamu selera at Tajuddin Hussin Nasi Kandar, mmm..not badla..still have a taste that QS required..hihi..and..tada here are the some of dishes that we "habiskan hingga menjilat jari"...

yummy...nasi putih berlauk lauk nasi kandaq...

With full of taste, spices, pedas, cukup garam & gula, we ate without looking left & right and berazam untuk melicinkan pinggan...hihi..

momma observed 1st princess..cover line..
Being full make us have enough strenght to complete our mission to the next destination, that is a tortoises land...fuhh..so many halangan & rintangan to go there even we used GPS ("Gerak Parking Sendiri")..:))
We have to come across to the housing area, line of hawkers, jungle and at last at the top of the bukit we see the temple there and based on the direction by the local the tortoises inside the temple itself...and..very very worth it because a giant tortoise there...but we only snap a pic of their babies..and my Piya & Surayya's very interested to saw them tanpa menghiraukan their momma for a while..

see...see...they don't bother me...it's ok they learn something from there...:))

at last, surayya looking at momma..your kakak still thinking & thinking & so many questions in her mind..beware for momma coz after this kakak shall ask so many questions that even momma can't answer...good luck momma..
We performed Zuhr prayer at Masjid Negeri Penang and there observed the cleanliness of the toilet, ablution place and inside the mosque so terrilly...and i'm impressed...subhanallah, the house of Allah..and thank you for giving us a chance to perform our obligation as your servant..

Batu Feringgi is our next destination looking for a stall nearby pantai and adik (Surayya) slept again..maybe very tired being a tourist..we "pekena" laksa penang and rojak buah there..sorry i didn't recalled the stall's name..and again we went to performed asr prayer at Masjid Terapung Batu Feringgi and Subhanallah again the house of Allah gave me a peacefull mind..

After sometimes there, we moved to the Gurney Plaza for window shopping...(owh..no window dalam kamus hidup momma..) have to buy anything even a piece of cloth (hihi..it's so hard and expensive to be a woman)...momma quote one of momma friend's statement at the facebook...:) We saw a giant soldier design for the becoming Christmas eve next month in front of the entrance of that plaza...and we also saw & heard a "drama" there where one chinese woman scolding her mom (who paralised with a wheel chair) in front of the crowds..and looking by her maid (only three of them)..i hate that kind of people who didn't respect their mom and don't she ever think that without your mom you are not here, in the world...i'm so emo for a while..spoiled my mood for shopping...
As usual, my princess Piya & Surayya make me smile again by their action. Alhamdulillah, they cheer up my day..

We did our obligation as a servant of Allah at Masjid Kapitan Keling (masjid tertua di Penang)...alhamdulillah..

We moved to Padang Kota Lama searching for Pasemboq..and there are many stalls there...once we sit, many waiters come and so many menu they gave..."Nak makan apa bang, kak..pasemboq ada..kerang bakar ada...sotong goreng ada...sotong bakar ada...goreng-goreng pun ada...macam-macam ada..." hihihi..at last we order all that i have listed just now..dengar aje dah kecur air liuq..and sorry not have a time to take a snap because of busy to menikmati makanan yang penuh atas meja..and i order a fresh air kelapa muda and you guys now what that cost RM3.50..and others borned by En. Mohd Ya'qub (my hubbyla tuh..)

Even waiting for ferry more than 1 hour..(time about 9.00pm) (Surayya sempat main bubble lagi beli kat Padang Kota Lama)..it is worth it and we have fun at Penang Island and arrived at Sungai Setar Besar at about 12.00 pm..

That's all for now and we see again at other interesting events...da..and wassalam...


  1. bile mau jalan2 di perak pule?? ngee...

  2. akan di fikirin...perak is a beautiful place right?