Thursday, November 25, 2010


Salam to share some of my attendance (macam masuk kelas kan..) to my buddies' latest wedding ceremony..yang lama-lama tu, i'm so sorry didn't have a digital camera before and don't have a soft copy of that memorable moment :( (biasalakan..our time before still using a film's negative, have to "cuci" at kedai gambar & masuk dalam album...paling koman (i don't know where this word come from..) they give a diskette and/or cd to us for our collection..

There is coincidence for the theme colour of my ex-uni Yana & Ina whereby they wore a purple outfit during their majlis persandingan, same taste usual, as a bride & groom they & their couple looked gorgeous at that day  like a prince & princess coming from the moon..shining, brighting, striking (may i use this word), bubbling (this word also), bling bling..eheh..and coincidentally, whether i or my hubby also wearing the same theme colour during their day..(gerak hati kot)..and..the best part when we met again our old friends once we are at the uni 6 years ago...i can say a small reunion here..but, as a mom i can't snap pic with all of them when my princesses follow and follow and drag me there and there with a hand not stop from touching each other..with other simple word.."melekat" especially my lil Surayya ( eleborate that part with you all  and try to imagine as a me at that time..). As a mom, we know that the small little daughters (for age 2 & 4) not familiar with a situation whereby so many crowds here and there and they unfriendly with strangers...that's why they act like that and we should understand and stop to push them to make friend with i right all moms..??

And..after sometimes automatically we can see that my kids can play with other kids by themselves..patient is much better than anger..own will is very very much better than pushing out (melainkan kalau nak bersalin..have to push out..ahaks)...our kids will naturally show their potential and commitment to us as their mom and the role must also support by us...two ways communication..(just my opinion based on experienced and observation)..nanti siapa yang malu, mereka dan keluarga mereka..

Have you all ever see during wed ceremony the kids shall get a guddy bag and inside it many things that kids puja and idamkan like a jelly, sweet, chocolate etc..and they like to open it before they eat the principal menu my many hard to convince them to eat rice first after they happily and eager to open that still a kids..and again do not push them to eat unless they will or otherwise they campak all those things atas meja to you and even worse to any guest..fuhh malu beb...mana nak letak muka..nanti tak pasal-pasal kena minta ampun dan maaf walaupun raya dah abis..(hihi..jgn minta maaf during raya je tau..especially to our hubby at least 2 times a day minta maaf..before we go to work and going to bed and/or sleep (like what i'm practice until todate..hihi..kadang-kadang ada tuang juga..) owh..sudah melalut..back to the point..hmmm..

The best part is take a snap, chatting with friends until our kids stop us from doing so...(faham-faham sahajalah yer..). After that, they shall doing anything that extract us like make a noise, crying, merengek, tak nak itu, tak nak ini for no reason whatsoever..but don't worry eventhough we can't chat physically, with kecanggihan IT nowadays, we shall connect each other di alam maya (huh..i hate this word..remind me to my back-stabbing friend- but have to) whenever, wherever, whatever, howsoever..forever and ever..hihihi..(dush!!..beristighfar!!)..jangan abaikan tanggungjawab as a daughter, wife, mom & employee ok (if you are a boss lagila kena kerja kuatkan..:))..have to balance yourselves..

Here are some pic that i snap, have fun to see my buddies' day like a princess and they all look very very stunning and beautiful..wish their happinest ever after and shall perform the best as a wife and mom-to-be (amin) for the rest of their life...

Yana's day (as a daughter, wife, mom-to-be (amin) & an advocate & solicitor)

see..momma chatting, gossipping, daughters face so boring...

my ex-secondary school and one of my bff azah
(see, my lil surayya kalu boleh tak nak lepas momma dia & that jelly..hurmm...)

from left: Irma yang sedang mengandung 8 bln & her cute daughter &
Hani, a mom of 2 girls and 1 boy (boy tiada dalam gambar tengah makan)
(both also from ex-secondary school at Johor & uni but their PIL from Kedah & Penang)
ina look gorgeous with her white wedding suit...i adore her..:)
(she also as a daughter, wife, mom-to-be (amin) & an advocate & solicitor)
owh, my collegeous lin look stunning okay with her grey suit..
left: my officemate dila cum boss's PA, her hubby & 2 sweetest daughters wearing sedondon baju kurung
(like pic before, adik surayya masih memegang jelly tapi bukan yang semalam punya yer..& kakak look cool..i like..)
Wassalam and Barakallah... see you all guys with many more stories coming watch out!!!


  1. my engagement day story xde ke sis?? huhuuhuhu... cedey...! :(

  2. alolo..saborla..satu-satu..ini yg latest..mmg ade dlm list pon..dun worry i'll post out candid pic..:))