Monday, November 22, 2010


Salam to all...around 3 days I'm not write anything here..because of busy scheduled during eid al-adha..i'm very interested to write-in to share my experience being a momma to my lil's angel..Hasya Surayya
This is special dedicated to adik..momma have a very wonderfull moment with you dear from the time you are in my belly until todate (and hope continuos until momma close my eyes..). Adik and kakak, Hasya Sofiya is such a precious & valuable that momma ever had...
Momma remember you like to kicked my belly until momma felt like you want to spoke with momma and/or you want anything that momma ate at that time...we went together anywhere (at Malaysia only), hanging out, outing, celebrating, balik kampung etc..because momma like travelling & exploring many more beautiful creature of Allah SWT.
We at Bukit Bendera Penang (adik at momma's belly)

When the time before you born (at labour room), you are so eager to see the new world..Alhamdulillah, Allah gave momma strength to gave birth of you and adik sihat..but adik have to stay at the hospital (with momma of course) because of premature and your weight is 2.4kg (actually not so ringan okay, normally premature below 1kg okay)...during pantang period (normally momma have to pantang until 44 days after your born day tau adik)..momma got chicken pock after 2 weeks of your born and...i am so sorry dear, you jangkit from momma that penyakit & have to quarantin again at the hospital around 2 weeks (2 days momma with you but the rest of the day doctor not advise momma to stay being afraid that penyakit berjangkit to other babies) and sorry again dear, momma have to stay at home waiting for you fully recover....and..only Allah knows what momma feeling that time and He sent me your papa to pujuk momma supaya bersabar and berdoa..and you know adik, that susu adik minum during quarantin everyday brought by papa to hospital only for you dear...(and of course that susu original from momma and not sale at any store, hypermarket whatsoever :))...subhanallah and thank you Allah.

Adik momma bedung tau nanti dah besar pandai main netball like momma..
Kakak as a huggies' duta (momma yang lantik..hihi..)

After discharge from the hospital, adik got many new born gifts...this is among of it..and momma already used that particulars gifts until the end...;)

Day by day as a baby you can even sleep by your own style..(tak kisahlah dik, asalkan adik selesa kan..)  become a toddler, sit at a walker
and able to speak word by word slowly but still pelat..hihi..sometimes momma not able to get you dear..crying means adik haus, lapar, sakit or it true dear?..but now you are able to speak smoothly (but still pelat) and momma can understand what you are talking about (even papa not understand and momma be your translator)....your first word.."momma" and momma is very touching that time and there is more than words can say dear..thank you..
tidur beralaskan tapak tangan..ngeh ngeh ngeh..
and thank you to tok for such a wonderful hand made alas bantal
(diperturunkan drpd kakak alas bantal dan tilam itu kpd adik..)

ish geramnya kakak ni kolam besar dia main sesorang jek,
tengokla nanti adik dah besar...

Your teeth momma have to brush and prevent that small and cute teeth from anything that bring it rosak, berlubang etc..then, only you can walk step by day, when momma as a housewife (during weekend) ioning your papa's uniform day..kakak shout.."momma, momma..adik.." and...dup dap dup dap momma see you are at the upstairs heart & jantung like want to dropping & running fast...please don't do that again dear..please please please..and kakak thank a lot for your aduan..(actually my fault too not take a precaution like put a gate or anything)..:(

hihi....cantik tak gigi saya....

i like my small teeth, is it permanent???..hihihi..
To share all about you adik, take (i am not sure the time frame..) so to make it short..tadaa............191101 (after 2 days raya haji) is your 2nd birthday (sorry dear momma skip your 1st birthday and only bought a cake and celebrate with 4 of us, momma, papa & kakak and momma shall search that memorable photo again and again).

The very enjoyable moment because we celebrate it at your Tok Wan & Tok's house, with Mak Alang and together with your relevant cousins at Mak Anjang side...and..only this cake available at that moment (papa not sure any cake house there and we only found this..) but momma shall cover it with your celebration day dear..insyallah..

Momma pray that adik shall become a good (solehah) girl, ikut cakap mama & papa and not fight fight with kakak okay..we love you so much...........
momma got a kissed from adik...kakak hugg momma too..



  1. alahaiii.. so touching...!!! (mengalir airmata i..huhuh)

  2. too..even so many times i red their stories will never them & u too sis..thanks a lot you stay besides me when i need you..