Thursday, December 2, 2010


Salam all...hope you all enjoy what you have doing today..and hope your happiness doing whatever it is everlasting and not sekerat jalan ok...and don't forget to rest your brilliant mind by visiting my page yang ntah apa-apa ntah..hihihi..perasan jek..

Pernah dengar tak perkataan "concentrate"?? Lebih kurang macam focusla..normally when somebody concentrate with what he/she is doing, they don't bother anything/anyone else around them..but what make them like that, is it any interesting act that they have done, netherless writing, reading, speaking, watching and other ing.??..hehe..

The best example i've normally choose is the "two" (instead of  one) and daughters Sofiya & day i've try to call them so many time (eating call)..but i'm wonder why they didn't return my call...mmm..i've to investigate..hihi..CSI..and i'm quite surprise what they have done.

mmm..kakak & adik tengok apa tu...

Kakak, adik...jom makan jom..still they didn't answer..wah..ini kena tengok ni apala yang mereka buat check!!!

owh they still didn't notice kehadiran their momma...

apalah yang sepupu-sepupu ni buat khusyuk sangat nih..

hai..saya upin..ini adik saya ipin..ini kisah kami ko dah lupa ke..ini kisah kami semua...:))
Lorr, tengok upin ipin rupanya...afterwards momma have to stop them nanti lapar ye anak-anak tak makan...hihi..when we think again and again it same with us right? Especially when we doing something that we like almost...apa lagi facebooking & blogging lar..kuikui..but what about your job?? Please please settled down your job first before doing any irrelevant act that not give a benefit & income to your income, no bonus & no increment ok..chaiyok-chaiyok!! Berusahalah!! You all can do it..

So, the moral of the story..jangan biarkan anda dan anak-anak anda diselubungi misteri...(hihi..ada kena mengena tak..:)) Love to see your comment here to share more about motherhood and nature..Wassalam..

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