Monday, December 6, 2010


rasa nyaman jek duduk tepi pantai
"Papa, macam best je showcase ni..."
"kalau dapat p tengok show dia mesti best kan.."

May Allah bless our marriage....
Hihihi..just soul, my love, my charming actually didn't want to show his interest and/or understanding. Even if i didn't express it he know what actually in my mind..magic kan? Sometimes, we can't expect what men can do to satisfied us. Their caring & loving not only through words but their act and decision can show everything that we need. The perfect match with a perfect husband that Allah send to me, Alhamdullillah, praises be to Allah..his patience, understanding, strenght, kindness, loving, humble (amboi puji & promote hubby sendiri nampak)..make me feel like dunia ini ana yang punya...

he's very loving
I don't know when & where to start, just to express my feeling that i never see a charming sweetheart until i met him..he's different, his smile cure my sadness, his word give strenght, his lead (imam) make me peace and his trust give me respect. Yes!! Nobody is perfect but he try to be a better man day to another day. He try to improve himself from the day i met him until Allah gave us a gift (our princess, Sofiya & Surayya)..and hope continuos until we close our eyes ever in this world and see again in the hereafter..Insha Allah..

He's funny

Thank you Allah, Thank you Allah, Thank you Allah, i don't want any material from him, not a beautiful and branded outfit, not a gold and pearl, not a fancy, big car or house but what i need only his caring, loving sincere from his heart to me and towards our little princess..and he is proving it Ya Allah, your test to us give hidayah and awareness to be a good and perfect parent to our guide and safe your amanah Ya Allah...we seek your guidance every single day, we need your barakah for everything that we do, we shall do a mistake as a human being...but we try to correct and repent to you Ya Allah..

He's protective
He's our leader
When the time our child is born, he always besides me everytime that i need him. He never failed to do his obligation as a son, husband and father. Everyday he try to balance himself to make us satisfied. Look at this, i'm afraid that i can't give him whatever he need even he's not ask. I'm afraid i'll lose him (eventhough Allah borrow him to me in this world), i'm afraid that i can't bring him the happiness that he want...but i  ALWAYS try to improve myself.

He's our soul
When the time my mum passed away, he's the one who never failed to calm down me, never failed to give me strenght and remind me that everything belongs to Allah. I realised then and as the believer to you Allah i seek doa to the happiness of my mum in the hereafter and to me & my family from any wrongdoings in this world.

He's our prince
We feel safe when he's around

He's our idol

To my hubby Ya'qub Yusuff thank you for being such a wonderfull husband and a great great papa to our little daughters Sofiya & Surayya. Your loyalty to me from the time we met 12 years ago until now give me a very lucky friend, girlfriend and wife and pray for our happiness everlasting...Thank you again Ya Allah...

He's sporting

We love papa sooooooooooo much....

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