Friday, December 10, 2010


Salam peeps..nice to see you all here in my page...any incoming update? Let me share about my princesses' first time at pool..(i mean swimming pool ya..)

When my lil princesses reach about 1 year old i started exposed them to the kids world...(i mean swimming pool again..). I & their papa (of course my hubby..) bought a small pelampung for safety and their cute bikini for style (hihi for cover anything that should be). We started with my lil princess Sofiya & diperturunkan to her sister Surayya..and of course they really really enjoy it and never to stop until the times is come (bila dipaksa naik, kalau tak maunya kecut segala..).

I took an effort to learn how to swim from the expert instructor by myself in case their papa not around. I'll take care of them and we can enjoy our day (all day) at the pool (momma yang lelebih..). Actually i'm jealous for those who can swim but i'm not (especially their papa okay, he can swim from the day we at uni) but he can't teach me to swim because i'm too manja if he's the, he give up then..huhu..nak tak nak kena belajar jugak untuk kepentingan masa hadapan. But, ironinya i just learn how to swim for a basic only (tiada kuak lentang, kupu2, gimrama air berirama (eh, betul tak), diving dan yang sewaktu dengannya)..for the reason that the management have to reconstruct the swimming pool for the betterment & only that i can learn and have to continue upon finished it (tapi biasalah bila dah cuti panjang 6 bulan malas dah nak belajar lagi)..hihi, at least dah ada basic..

Sofiya has managed to balance herself pretty well in the water. In her hydro therapy sessions (as per recognised by momma itself), i have already started her to swim with just the Arm Floats, and she’s doing it really well.

Today’s swimming session (also recognise by momma itself) Surayya saw the Kakak (Sofiya) using the floaties and she asked to try it too! And guess what? She tried it on and jumped it and started swimming with the arm floats.
Kakak happy, adik nampak takut sikit
(this is the first bikini of kakak, adik just wear a short)


Adik masih takut lagi & dia dah pakai bikini
(this is kakak 2nd's bikini)
yeayy!!! Adik dah boleh senyum..okla tu..
Kakak Sofiya dah tak toleh momma sebab ada 2 safety pelampung badan & lengan
Kami dah habis berendam, masa untuk tidur..ada gaya tak kakak jadi perenang berjaya..XOXO

Basically, what they'll used to learn how to swim is by this:

Arm Band
Baby Swim Seat

And hope i'll doing this...

owh my God..beristighfar!!!..not in public okay...
Lalalala..that's all for today, i'm in a holiday mood now..shall travel to Kelantan tonight and pray for our safe journey friends..wassalam..

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