Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Salam everyone, hope you all have done anything that should be done and feel free to come in my simple and humble page.

My first daughters (kakak aka Sofiya) requested me a car and/or a bicycle for her (she oledi 3 years above now & able to wish anything and of course from me & my hubby). Macam tau-tau je baru dapat bonus she remind me again and again, it's so touching ok..menyentuh hati naluri / kalbu seorang ibu yang cepat kasihan..when i raised that to her father cepat-cepat perkataan no keluar..huh..pity my darling..

So, not to disappoint her i bring her to a place that so many cars all know where???

Wonder Land..peace..kakak so happy there and we took about 2 hour spend time there..hihi..

adik pun happy dapat pandu kereta sendiri..yg ni dia tengah syok tengok kawan-kawan lain main..

Other location but when they saw it cepat-cepat ditarik tangan momma..jomm..layan..

My tactic successfull!!! I made it! After all kakak don't talk about that again, and i shall bring her again to satisfied her kids dream..zaman kanak-kanak hanya sekali..apa yang termampu momma akan lakukan ye darling..

One week after i exposed to them to the wonderland (normally at Jusco), when we passed by a kids department at any supermarket my lil Surayya shall dropped by to find any car there.  

see, she like pink car..

adik tengah fikir macamana nak beli kereta ni..hmmmm..
selepas setengah jam...bila adik nak turun dik...
akhirnya adik ni kereta lil surayya takut kereta yang ada remote control, bila papa tekan remote, kereta jalan cepat-cepat dia nak turun..:))

Kakak and adik having fun ride a car at any place anywhere. Dulu momma takde kereta-kereta ni darling, zaman sekarang ni aje macam-macam ade..hope my dear daughter shall realise not anyone can get a chance..insaf sekejap, ada ramai lagi yang tak berkemampuan jalan-jalan macam ni..especially those who left by their parent.

The kids like to explore many more things out there and as a parent we have to super choosy what they should and should not. One more thing about them, there are super duper valuable than others and what we teach them today is what they'll practice later..kita yang mencorakkan anak-anak kita..Ya Allah guide me and my family every single day..amin..


  1. your girls are very adorable! my hugs and kisses to them! :)

  2. thanks a lot Thara, i'm new here..nice to meet u..i admire your writing